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Design Collection

This section is a collection of my non-digital design, which includes design for graphics, physical products, environments and of course, for fun. 


Early Care and Education Poster Design

This is the poster I designed for a presentation on early care and education. 

Time: Feb, 2019

Size: 11' * 17' & iphoneX frame

Early Education Poster

CMU shuttle service Poster Design

This is the poster that we used in the poster session for the CMU shuttle service app redesign. It captures our research process, insights and solution. 

Time: Dec, 2018

Shuttle Service Poster

A movie about myself

A 1-minute movie about myself. (Here in the video, I used my preferred name-Anna)

Time: Jan, 2019

A Movie About Me

Design in my life

The design is in every day of my life. Cooking is one of my interests and I am passionate towards applying design thinking to the dishes. 

Design In My Life

Origami World

A colorful and calming experience created by origami.


People will go into the tent one by one, where he/she will be surrounded by hundreds of Origami and blocked from anything else. Many people's lives are very busy these days and we wish our audience can take a break and feel the calmness the environment brings.

The environment is also interactive. Outside the tent, there is a pile of Origami paper. People are encouraged to make their own Origami and hang them in the environment. They can also write their "good wishes" to their families, friends or even strangers.


Time: Dec, 2018

Origami World
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