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My Development Work

Check out my software development work on this page!

Excel at  Web Application Development,  Web Prototyping, Mobile Development

Latest Work



A travel tracker that helps people document their trips with journals and photos. Besides, the app keeps track of high-level statistics about places the user has been by presenting a dashboard of information. 

Technology:  iOS Development, SwiftUI, Firebase

Duration: Sep 2018 - NOW 

Role: Main Designer, Developer



Shades Of Wine

A website for basic wine guides. It uses data-visualization to help people learn about different wine styles, flavor descriptors, serving methods, and pairings. 

Technology: HTML,CSS, JS, Velocity.js, Data Visualization

Duration: Oct 2018 - NOW 

Role: Main Designer, Developer


Coming soon..

Past Projects


WeBuildAi Decision Aid (full-stack)

I also worked as a full-stack software developer for the WeBuiltAI decision aid project. As the main developer of the team, I built the system from scratch, coded the matching algorithm and created the simulation environment. 

Several design changes have been made based on the current prototype. We are hoping to integrate the changes and deploy the system by Summer 2019 


Technology: Ruby on Rails, Bootstrap, GoogleMap API, ajax, vue.js 

Duration: Summer 2018 - now


(Prototype from fall 2018)

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